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Enjoying The Days Up North

It's been a couple of hectic, but fun days. We left Traena yesterday night after another day there. Elias and Stephan went climbing again and I just walked around the island and shot some landscapes.


After a nice day walking around Traena, we met a certain someone who made some pretty serious threats if he wasn't aloud on the boat for the rest of the trip. We had no choice but to bring him along!

This guy ain't fucking around! It was either getting shanked or bring him along. Looks like he is ready to ski some gnarly lines further up north. 

At this point Elias and Stephan was back from climbing and I was done shooting and having a handful with this guy. We should have gone to bed, but instead we left Traena around midnight and decided to find another mountain to summit. 

This was taken around midnight and the light was still pretty spot on. 

It didn't take long before a new mountain appeared though. 

The sun was about to rise and we were getting ready to see what's what!

Can't really remember what the mountain was called. Horse something! 

Around 4 in the morning and 5 hours after we left Traena, we started walking! 

After about 2 hours we reached the summit. 500-ish masl. The Helgeland Coast is just insane. Earth Porn!

All that's what's left then, was to walk down again, Hate that part. 

While others took a more alternate route down. 


Finally back down, we met the mailman. 

Or Elias did. He just drove past me.  He forgot his helmet at home..

Now after this we came back to the boat and what happend then is kind of a blur. We hadn't slept in almost 24 hours and had done a mountain hike in between. I was so tired, it felt like I was shitfaced.

Anyways, we found an anchor place, slept for a few hours, anchor place didn't hold, went aground, got up and started to sail again. That's as much as I can remember. And that's just half of the day. We are now at a new place called Bolga. An island at the same coast. What we've been doing there today is something you will find out tomorrow. But let's just say that fucking clown is still with us! Late here as always and I need to get my sleep on. Way past midnight and it's safe to say that I'm lagging behind on my sleep. 

Talk later then.

Sleep tight, dynamite! 

- The Love Machine